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Christina ​BenteL, M.Ed​

Literacy Education Specialist | Tutor



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Ms. Tina’s passion for teaching has been a lifelong calling, and her dedication to children, combined with her ​commitment to activism and positive change, led to her role in Montessori education, which she practiced for well over a ​decade. While initially taking the IMSE Orton-Gillingham training to enhance her Montessori practice, she quickly ​recognized its potential to benefit a wide range of children from diverse backgrounds and varied learning profiles. This ​realization inspired her to bring her passion and expertise to early literacy tutoring, where she can help students learn in ​the way that works best for them.

As a child advocate, Ms. Tina has a remarkable ability to connect with children on their level. She believes in a holistic and ​nurturing approach to education; creating a safe environment where children can develop self-confidence in their ​learning. She values open communication with families and prioritizes teamwork in the educational process.

Ms. Tina holds a Masters in Education and AMI International Diploma. She has received trainings in IMSE Orton-​Gillingham, Visualizing and Verbalizing and extensive practice with the Barton and Wilson programs. ​

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“The more that you read, the more things ​you will know. The more that you learn, the ​more places you'll go.”

~Dr. Seuss


In addition to teaching in classrooms for over 15 years, Ms. Tina holds a ​Master’s in Education from Loyola University, with specializations in Early ​Childhood and Montessori Education. She earned an Association ​Montessori Internationale Diploma, along with a Bachelor of Arts in ​Human Development with specializations in Cultural Diversity Awareness. ​She is a lifelong, passionate scholar who continues to learn and keep up to ​date with the latest research and methodologies used in schools as it pertains ​to literacy.

Ms. Tina is currently enrolled in UC Riverside’s Post-Masters Certification ​program in Education Therapy.

Professional Affiliations:

  • ILA - International Literacy Association
  • The Reading League, CA
  • NAEYC - National Association for Education of Young Children
  • BAMA - Bay Area Montessori Association
  • AMI- Association Montessori Internationale
  • AMS - American Montessori Society


Discover a tailored approach to learning with Rising Readers! Drawing ​from a range of research-backed methodologies, I leverage the science of ​reading to support students effectively.

While maintaining a structured framework, I adapt my methods to cater ​to the unique needs of each student (individualized lesson plans). ​Embracing a multi-sensory approach, we explore concepts through ​diverse activities like writing in sand, tracing bumps, clay formation, and ​body movements for a comprehensive learning experience. Our sessions ​go beyond the traditional methods for reading comprehension; ​incorporating elements like reading theater, partnered reading, repeat ​reading, and decodable readers. I use mindfulness, conversations, and

laughter to create a positive and engaging environment.

Join me for an enriching educational journey where personalized strategies ​and varied techniques come together to foster academic growth and a love ​of reading!

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We hope to hear from you!

Contact Number: 971-219-7816​

Email: Risingreadersabc@gmail.co​m

Facebook: Rising Readers LLC​

Instagram: @Risingreadersab​c

Webpage: www.RisingReadersAbc.co​m

Current Offerings:

CORE/PAST/OG Reading Assessments

  • 45 Minute Sessions: In-person / Remote
  • 55 Minute Sessions: In-person / Remote
  • NEW! 45 Minute Math Sessions: In-person

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Parent Testimonials

“Our sessions with Ms.Tina are such a welcome part of our week. Our son loves his time and asks when he gets ​to go back after every session. He has so much fun hanging out with Ms.Tina; but he’s really learning to read, ​write and spell! The individual, one-on-one time is such a game changer.

Tina’s methods are remarkable and she is truly a gem. We are so lucky” ~ E.E.

"My son loves going to see "Ms Tina" every week. She makes the sessions so fun and engaging. She also does a ​great job keeping me (mom) updated on his progress!" ~ S.T.

“Our 6 year old has been working with Ms. Tina for about 6 months. Ms. Tina is very nurturing and created ​a warm, caring environment that made our daughter very comfortable from the start. This helped our ​daughter be able to dive right in to working with Ms. Tina. Our daughter already had a foundation for ​reading. Ms. Tina has worked with her to build on this foundation with proven methods to further advance ​both her reading and writing skills. Ms. Tina also makes the lessons fun and engaging, and our daughter loves ​coming to see her each week and really enjoys her lessons. I would highly recommend Ms. Tina to anyone ​looking to advance their child's reading and writing journey” ~N.P.